Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dance Cinderella Dance!

If you look up sore loser in the dictionary you'll likely see a photo of me. You probably know by now how pumped I was for the UK game Saturday night. We had a "jorts" party at my MIL & FIL's house and Carsyn and I dressed the part.

even down to authentic socks the cats players were wearing..

(please overlook my gi-normous feet in the pink crocs)

Unfortunately no one else got the memo it was a jorts party, but the hubby and BIL did sport t-shirts..

How upset am I that we lost??? Majorly people, majorly! With that being said we went today for Carsyn's Easter photo shoot and it was so much fun..I can't wait to show y'all a sneak peek soon. Til then I hope Butler beats the socks off those nasty huskies ;) While I don't consider Butler a "Cinderella" team anymore I will be pulling for them tomorrow night. Go Bulldogs!


  1. You know I feel exactly the same way! I was so so so pumped up for the game and was all set up to watch it even though I was at work. What a disappointment, I was so upset. They played horrible. 4 of 12 freethrows??? Horrible. I still love our boys and will miss Jorts so much (you look so cute in yours btw) but I am proud that they made it to the final four. At least we got another banner. We should have won that game:(

  2. I am a big giant sore loser too! I just went to bed after the game. Too pissed to do anything else!

    As a side note....what the hell are Robbie and your hubby doing? My neighbor has a tshirt with that hand symbol on it.....and it means, well, something dirty!

  3. It is a very dirty sign and I am embarassed for Shane and Robby! lol!

  4. haha...Shane Watts throwing the his momma's house...I am cracking up!

    ...but where did the JORTS shirts come from?

  5. Omg ladies! I totally didn't notice the hubby's gesture.. So embarrassed! He's such a bad influence on Robby. We picked up the jorts tees at fayette mall!