Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hope y'all had a great weekend and great start to your week.  The first thing I did Monday morning was back over my garbage cans.  I rewarded my stupidity with a trip to Krispy Kreme and picked up a few boxes to deliver to friends.

Is there a possible way to eat a donut without feeling guilt?

Could you share it with me?

Rosie visited us Friday and we went to Cincy to do a little shopping.  
I have to say my kids are pretty good shoppers.  My strategy is to get them a snack and plop them in the stroller.  Usually they get in and out about 50 times.  Then after an hour or so they get really wound up and I decide to let them run laps around the mall.

They are really good at those.

Its a no brainer we eat at The Cheesecake Factory if we are at Kenwood.  Its Carsyn's absolute favorite place and every time we are there she proclaims her love for eating in Egypt.

Saturday Shane had a golf date so I loaded up the kids and drove to Camp Rosie to have a little belated birthday celebration for pops.

It becomes more apparent every time I'm with my niece and nephew that the girls are going to be super close.  Carsyn will not have a sister, but a sweet female cousin kind of makes up for that.

The boys are too.

We got back to town late and the kids slept the whole way back meaning we were all up until 1 or so.  Hank requested we watch Frozen and he held my hand for almost the entire movie.  Love my boy.

On Sundays my sister has been coming over and walking/running with me.  Usually I try to squeeze in a quick 2 before she gets here.  Every year after the holidays I find myself scrambling to drop a few pounds.  And every year it gets harder.

I LOVE sister time though.

We watched the Grammys Sunday night and I have to add Kayne.  I just can't.  You are a talented soul.  But you are classless, disrespectful, and rude.  

Can we all agree the best performance of the night was these guys?  I mean give me all the classic rock!


  1. I've gotta be honest...the only reason I clicked today was because of those donuts. YUM!!! <3 girl after my own heart!!!

  2. I literally don't think your fam could be any more precious. And I LOVE you "rewarded" yourself with donuts - we are kindred spirits ;) haha!


  3. You can definitely eat donuts without guilt if you're bringing them to friends!!

  4. Love Carsyn's dress at the Cheesecake Factory! Is it Persnickety?