Friday, February 20, 2015


Still snowed in here so I figured I'd share a little Five on Friday with you.


I've been wanting to rearrange our basement family room for some time now.  Originally I wanted to keep it semi picked up and leave all of the kids toys in the playroom but its proving impossible.  So I decided to break it into two sections and let the kids have the back part.

My side.

Current state of their side.

Such a work in progress.  Any organization tips?


I've been trying to get my scrapbooks up to date and I ran across this little gem. 

Carsyn at 20 months.  Whyyyyy must they grow up?


My MIL introduced me to this perfume a while back and after I went to the counter to test it I declined purchasing.  I received a gift card and finally decided to buy it this year and I'm so glad I did.  It smells so much better on. Treat yourself. Oh, and its called La vie set belle by Lancome.


This Anthro piece has been my go to lately and its currently on sale.  Like major markdown.

I literally wore it around the house for 3 days in a row before the hubby called me out.

I also might throw it over my leather leggings and venture out in public.
They appear to be sold out in white, but I think I need the gray also.


I love my hot rollers.  I'm aware its not the 90s.

I posted this pic on insta proclaiming my love and lots of you agreed.

You asked what kind I use.  I've tried them all and the Conair above are my favorite.
I don't have any secrets, but here are some thoughts.  
Learn to master the pins included.  If you use a set that has clips I've found they create creases.  Not a good look.
Also. Roll your hair like you would with a curling iron.  Hold the roller at mid point of the strand, wrap the ends around and then roll up.

That's all I got folks!

Have a great weekend.  We are bracing ourselves for several more inches of snow.

What's 5 on your mind?  Are you linking up with Natasha and others to share?

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