Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend recap and an oscar thought or two

Happy Monday friends!! Are y'all snowed in? We are and I'm trying my best to embrace it. Definitely a pajama day here, but it's nice to slow down after a busy weekend. 

We got up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning to go to Maddox's basketball game. He's such a hustler. I love that he takes it so seriously. 

Hank really enjoyed it and sat in pop's lap most of the time.

Carsyn was enamored by the cheerleaders.

We had a birthday party afterwards and I figured the kids would be killed. Hank napped on the way to the party so it took him a few minutes to wake up but the kids had the best time. 

They played with balloons and Carsyn and Maddox rollerskated for the first time.

We made it to church Sunday morning in the pouring rain. I might have told Carsyn the rain was the devil and she kept asking "where's the devil?" the whole way there. Oops. I guess that's the old regular baptist from my child hood coming out in me.

We visited W's mom and dad Sunday night and I curled up on the sofa for a few blissful moments of HOC.

Have y'all watched the first episode of season 2. Goodness gracious. I couldn't have been more surprised if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet!

I actually watched all of the Oscars this year for the first time in forever. Ellen did such a wonderful job!

I know not everyone was a fan of the Let it Go performance but I thought it was great. And Idina looked gorgeous. 

My favorite look of the night was definitely Kate Hudson, but Jennifer Lawrence always looks smashing.

And did y'all cry during Matthew Mcconaughey's speech? It seemed so sincere and genuine. 

I actually thought the writers of Let It Go stole the show with their acceptance speech though. 

What were your thoughts?

Are y'all snowed in too?

Stay warm!

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