Thursday, March 6, 2014

Carsyn's Minnie Festival

Back…ahem…6 or so months ago Carsyn turned 3 and we celebrated with a Minnie Party.  Everyone loved the fall theme from last year so we went with it and painted pumpkins pink.

We placed ears at the entrance of the party and placed pink and purple polka dots down the path leading to the tables.

We had glitter tattoos and a cupcake walk for the kids.  They could care less about the cupcake walk but loved the tattoos.

Carsyn was the one who actually decided the kids tables should have cupcakes and polka dotted table cloths.

I thought some nice fall food would be perfect this year and decided to do a chili bar.  The downside- it was about 90 degrees in the sun.  The upside was everyone said they really enjoyed it.

We just had finger foods and drinks on the other table.

We served strawberry lemonade and handed out Minnie cookie for party favors.

Of course we kept with the traditional hay ride, corn maze, and pumpkin picking.

Did I mention the highlight of the party was the May clan visiting?! I cannot believe this year there will be 4 of them!

So I say every year I missed getting a picture of a certain person or group of people and this year W took over the camera.  And while I'm grateful, it also means we did not a single family picture.

Carsyn enjoyed herself so much.  She couldn't stop smiling all day.

And Hank was such a trooper. He ate cake and got loved on from granny and his aunts!

I say it all of the time, but I'm just so blessed to be this little girl's momma!

Happy birthday Carsyn…I can't wait to paint pumpkins silver and white this year.  Here's to hoping Uncle Robby and Pops can grow a pumpkin big enough to turn into a carriage.


  1. I spy wine in there! That's my kinda minnie party! :)

  2. Oh my gosh the bows on the back of the chairs are SO CUTE