Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Highs and Lows

My warm and fuzzy feeling of Thanksgiving wonderment lasted all of about 2 hours...Both of the kiddos took a downward turn on Thanksgiving.  I think we're all on the mend now though!

Carsyn was in a chipper mood on Thanksgiving morning and had so much fun playing with her cousins.

Hank, on the other hand just felt terrible.  He had recently had his shots and had a fever on and off all day.

We decorated the tree in Carsyn's room and the playroom and she is just so excited Christmas is here.

Did I fail to mention we ended up in the ER Saturday night?  Carsyn had been saying it hurt to pee in the potty and I honestly thought it was an excuse..and it still might have been.  The Drs found nothing wrong and said she might just be irritated.

Rosie and I took Carsyn to see Frozen.  Have y'all seen it?  Its seriously amazing.  We've been singing "Do you want to build a snowman" every night.

I'm not sure if Hank is still recovering or if he's turning into a couch potato, but lately he's been laying on the sofa in small spurts watching TV.. and eating biscuits.  That's the life, Hank!

I should add, he is feeling well enough to continue to wreak havoc on big sis's Barbie house.

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  1. They are the cutest!! I cannot get over how excited she always looks! I love it!