Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Boring post with lots of pictures coming your way…


We celebrated Rosie's birthday last Thursday and Friday.

We love our Rosie.

Ricarda and I had a cookie party for the girls Friday night.

They are SO cute together.

Cute.. And exhausting.

And don't feel sorry for Hank…Rosie was treating him with donuts.

And dressing him up to pose in front of the Christmas tree.

We had a hot cocoa bar and they were more impressed with eating peppermint sticks.

W's annual holiday party was Saturday night.

Fun times as always.

We made it to church on Sunday-Yay!

The kids took a semi decent picture together- Yay again!

I have to add Carsyn is still in her "princess" phase and loves to curtsy.


  1. Where is the the dress you wore to the christmas party from??

  2. So much fun going on! Looks like you all have been having tons of fun :)