Monday, November 11, 2013


I'm watching MMCH for the 8000 time and a topless 3 year old is bouncing off the walls.  Its after midnight and though I vowed to get the kids in bed earlier when we "fell back" I find myself failing miserably. Its ok though.  Hanky is usually in bed by 9:30 and Carsyn is a nice little companion.  I figured I'd take this time to write a quick note on where my heart is these days.

Carsyn just spilled her milk for the second time today after Hank dumped his out countless times.  I've cleaned more spills and wiped more tails today then I care to admit.  I poured a glass of wine at 11:30 and vowed Carsyn would be in bed and I'd catch up on some PLL on Netflix.  I was wrong.  After a quick 11:00 bath Carsyn was determined to watch Mickey and sometimes its easier to give in than argue.

So she's all set in the playroom with a fresh glass of milk and I'm in the living room picking up when I hear her scream she's spilled milk everywhere.  I swear this kid loses it when she gets messy. Maybe that explains why she's going through a topless and wanting to sleep naked phase? Anyway, in a rush I knock over my wine...she's crying, I'm crying and then I just have to laugh.

Today has been one of those rare Saturdays with nothing to do.  The rush of the holiday season is upon us and I know the next few months we'll be super busy.  And we like being busy.  In fact Carsyn asks me every day when we get up where we're going.  She started asking Thursday what we were doing Saturday.  Poor Hank even brings me his shoes now to put on and goes and stands by the door.

I told Carsyn we were not going anywhere Saturday- We were going to watch Peter Pan and make cupcakes.  And we did.  We stayed in our pjs, well me in my pjs, Hank in a diaper, and Carsyn in a strawberry shortcake dress.  We played with every toy in the house.  It was utter chaos.

Or as W would say pure pandemonium.  I started asking when bedtime was at 8, I think.  And here I am hours later.  Spilled milk has been swiped up, snoozing babes are in their rooms and I'm staring at a blinking cursor. Just like always once the kiddos are in bed I start missing them.

I reflect on the day and even though Carsyn is going through her strong willed phase she's pretty awesome.  Hilarious.  And a complete teenager sometimes with her desire to wear lip gloss and high heels.  Hank is growing so fast and imitating everything big sister does.  He's really started to take an interest in toys now and its so cute.  He still likes to torture Carsyn and steal her Barbies but he also loves anything with wheels.

I catch myself letting them out of my sight for longer moments of time.  Lets forget about earlier tonight when I heard them giggling uncontrollably and Carsyn brought me a pair of scissors proclaiming she probably shouldn't have them.  You're right sister.  Then after handing them over stating I might want to take Hanky's too.  Right again little momma.

But earlier they were pushing trains around the house squealing with delight and I thought about how awesome it was.  Really awesome.  Awesome enough to make me forget about anything that didn't go as planned today.

I am just really enjoying this season of life.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't need more hours in the day to take care of household chores.  Or if I said I didn't wish more often than I'd care to admit for a larger home with more room for toys and a bigger yard to roam.  Or if I can't help but get excited for the day I can cook dinner without little ones wrapped around my legs.

Then I start to think.  Its just a season.

And just like hot summers fade into crisp Falls, life changes and evolves.

There's that newborn season where you know sleep filled nights are ahead and you don't mind that 3 am wake up call.  Or that newborn season when your baby screams and screams and there's nothing you can do and it seems like time is standing still.

Or the toddler season when you rarely sit down and wonder how your legs manage to keep moving.  And then remember its likely due to the 4 cups of coffee you've inhaled that day.

I dread the teenage season most and my heart already aches for missed buzzer beaters, failed pop quizzes, and prom let downs.

The season I'm in now is chaotic and never dull.  But its peaceful at the same time.  I may not be ready for the season ahead but I'm darn sure going to enjoy the one I'm in.


  1. So true and such a great reminder. I swear, on Sunday, Kendall was on fire. She never sat down, not once, and my mom even said, "is she like this every day?". And while I almost said "YES!!!" I realized she's not and she's 3! Everything is new and everything is exciting. I WISH I were more like her,in that way. These babies sure have a way of stopping us in our tracks and slowing down a bit, don't they?