Friday, November 15, 2013


Yay!! Finally got my 5 on Friday up..on Friday!


We made the trip to Nashville last week to see these guys and do a little shopping..

I know I'm biased, but aren't they the sweetest little troop?  

Rosie made the trek with us and I'm just ever so grateful to have her as my runaround partner.


Jcrew new arrivals are here and my favorite thing might be this llama sweater.  Seriously, is it not the cutest?


W and I have been eating a lot of turkey lately and I was looking for something different for dinner one night when I stumbled upon Ree's Sloppy Joe recipe.  I figured if ever there were a Sloppy Joe recipe that would work for turkey hers would be it.

I served them with hash brown casserole and a big, fat pickle.  Go make these tonight.  I promise you'll never buy the canned stuff again.


Ricarda and I are planning a cookie party for our girls and I just don't think it would be complete without a Hot Cocoa Bar.  

What do you think?


Speaking of our girls, how cute were they at Kasyn's birthday party? I mean, does Kyria's outfit come in my size?


  1. hi from the linkup!! the hot chocolate bar idea is brilliant! so fun!!!
    hope your weekend is off to a lovely start! xx

  2. Love everything!! Def bookmarking that recipe !!