Monday, October 21, 2013

The Joy of 2

There are moments in life where you have to pinch yourself.  You sit down and catch your breath and get a chance to think.  Usually its late at night when the kids have gone to sleep that I reflect on the day.  I try to journal little things the kids have said or done and usually chat on the phone with Rosie and Mel about the same thing.
Lately I've been noticing how much Carsyn and Hank love each other.  Don't get me wrong..they'll still fight to the death over a toy, but they adore one another.
In the mornings Hank is usually up first and he goes straight to Carsyn's room.  If she's not awake he'll cry in front of her door.  On the rare occasion Carsyn is up first she'll listen for him quietly and the minute she hears him she'll say "Mommy- Hank's up!" and run to his door.
I left Hank with Rosie one night last week and Carsyn started crying halfway home that she missed her brother so much.  She might be a drama queen, but she was really sad!
I'll catch myself prepping lunch and they'll disappear.  When I go check on them they'll be in Carsyn's room playing Barbies or Hank's room playing cars. 
When Hank cries Carsyn will go find his blankie and rub his leg and say "feel better bubby." 
Of course, sometimes she steals his blanket too ;)
The other night they disappeared and I spied on them secretly.  Carsyn had a scarf wrapped around her like a robe and she was sitting in a chair with her foot on a plate.  She had little people lined up around her feet and Hank was sitting there with one in his hand.  When she saw me she said "look, Hank's giving me a pedicure! look at all my pretty polishes!"
Carsyn loves dressing like her baby brother too.  If I get her dressed she asks if Hank has a matching outfit.
I am just so blessed to be these little's mommy.  And watching them interact and love each other is the best gift I've ever been given.


  1. watching them become best friends is THE BEST. I am convinced the best gift I've given G is Griffin.

  2. I love seeing them together be so close.. That is so very precious!