Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a bit of this and that..


Every week I start Sunday night or Monday morning filling my trusty LP with blog posts, dinner, plans, and workouts. And every week I end up running about 3 days.. No yoga. Cooking one night if I'm lucky and blogging very rarely. Oops. Big oops considering I'm currently in bed at Rosie and Pops due to another nasty bout of diverticulitis. Momma needs to make changes. I have to add - usually I do a long run and Mondays and get home super late. My supportive hubby knows this and does grocery shopping and takes care of himself. I usually work on Tuesdays and try to get home in time to fix dinner. Last Wednesday I went to Lexington to watch Maddox's last baseball game and this led to working late Thursday. Friday I hosted a Matilda Jane party at the house. I know everyone's lives are busy but how do y'all do it?
Speaking of Matilda Jane, how cute is my little model?

The butternut dress and almond opals are my favorite combo right now- Love!


The week before Carsyns party her big girl bed and crown came in. Rosie kept the kids all day so we could get it ready for her. Bless my pop's heart he didn't bat an eye when he saw the crown...Just started planning. It took W, pops, and my cousin Adam to get it up but Carsyn loved it. Until it was time to sleep in it that night and she was scared. Laura crashed there when she was in and Carsyn didn't seem to mind too much. Magically Carsyn was all about sleeping there ever since! We haven't had any problems with nap time either-Strange, but I'll take it!

I poured a glass of red and opened Melissa Gorga's book a few weekends ago. Several of you asked me to review it and while there is so much to say there is also very little. Is it worth reading for those housewife obsessed like myself? Absolutely. Is is a bit ridiculous, fictitious, and somewhat braggy? Yep. Does she have valid points? Sure. I mean if W came home to me looking less busted with a hot dinner waiting every single night I'm pretty sure he'd be the happiest man ever. I'll leave it at that.


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  1. Working full time and finding to time to do everything that needs to be done and want to do, is so hard. Especially with three girls. I try to sweat the small things but that doesn't always work. I would appreciate any input also. But I love Carsyn's bed that is beautiful!