Saturday, September 14, 2013

5 on errr..Saturday


Hank is walking!

That's right-My baby boy is full blown walking! I was beginning to think it would never happen and he's been taking little steps for a while, but as of this week he's roaming everywhere.


Wrestling Matches

Carsyn and Hank's favorite thing to do together is wrestle.  It starts off with both laughing and ends in one in tears.  While its cute they are beginning to play together, its also driving me crazy because they want to fight over toys...especially who drives the grocery car. 

* I'm going to insert here that I used to be the judge-y childless lady who was annoyed by the grocery cars with little demons at the wheel that got in my way, hogged the aisles, and ran over my toes. Then I was the mom of one kid who strolled the child in the buggy in its protective fluffy thing scoffing at moms who let their kids run free and eat goldfish before they paid for them.  You know what they say about karma, right?  Because now? I'm the mom with the demon children fighting over who gets to steer and I'd let them swig coke and eat snickers bars if it would get me through the trip in peace. Seriously.  If you see me at the grocery with the kids in tow you might want to steer clear.


Olivia Pope

I think Scandal has been in my 5 before, but seriously...are y'all as excited as I am for this season?  I finally watched the last three episodes of season 2 and could die.  Die.  Do you watch?  Can you shoot me and email so I can have someone to chat with?


Are just as gorgeous in person as they are on my favorite TV mom.  Go get them. Thank me later.


Teen Beach Movie

I cannot begin to describe how obsessed we..*I mean Carsyn is with this movie.  I think it came on Disney a while ago and they replayed recently.  Well, I recorded it and Carsyn wants to watch it every. single. night.  I was trying to think of a punishment for her the other day when she refused to nap and tried everything.."I'll tell daddy," "no wagon ride, " and then "no more Teen Beach Movie!"  Girl lost it.  I mean she had a serious meltdown. Surf, surf crazy....


  1. love love Scandal! When does it start?! I'll chat with you....

  2. I miss scandal. I cannot not wait for the next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am willing to chat to

    found you via the good life blog-hop!!!