Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I never had a "magic" number.  When I was a young adult I really didn't think about the future or have any plans laid out.  I lived in the moment.  I still do; To my detriment I guess. I got married at 21 and had 9+ years of fun with the hubby.  We vacationed, we boated, we ate dinners at restaurants without being burdened with sippy cups and bibs. We slept in on weekends, we rarely missed a UK tailgate, and were pretty much carefree. 30 came and I was not pregnant and I began wondering what direction my life was headed.  Was being a mom in the plans for me?  Shortly thereafter came Carsyn..

And I was content. 
Then surprise!!! Less than 2 years later, Hank!

And now.  I'm complete.  We're complete.  Our little family of four is my joy and I get giddy just thinking about the adventures in store for us.  I'm so grateful God blessed me with one of each. 
So two IS my magic number. Who knew?


  1. Okay. Those cheeks on Hank? I die. And Carsyn is too pretty for her own good, Mama! Watch out! I can't wait for that "complete" feeling. I thought we were done. I blame Maclane. He's too cute and too "easy." I promise I won't be the next Duggar though. Three and finito. For sure. I miss my sleep.

  2. Love this. I said the other day that mason made us a family and Caroline made us complete. Two is our magic number unless God has other plans for us. Love your sweet babies!

  3. You guys have the sweetest family! I wonder if I will feel complete after #3? I don't know our magic number yet!

  4. Well I love your magic number. Little miss & little mr are adorable. I love them both! Your little family is too perfect :)

  5. and what a beautiful family y'all are :)

    truth? i almost feel complete with one. really. in fact, sometimes i wonder if i'm pushing myself to hard to "want" another one. then some days, i can't imagine life without another one. i guess that's my proof that we might not be done yet... we shall see..

  6. I just love those gorgeous babies!