Thursday, September 20, 2012

Carsyn is 2 years old

I cannot believe I am writing that you are 2, baby girl.  Where does momma start?  How about with the fact that the last 2 years have been the best of her life..and daddy's too.  How about the fact that when you demand to spend the night with Rosie daddy and mommy sit at home bored and missing you to pieces?  How about the fact that your tantrums are trying, but kind of funny and your personality has anyone you meet immediately smitten with you?

You change every day Carsyn Presley!  You are our big dip your nuggets in barbecue and eat pizza like a big girl...sigh.  The other day you decided to eat your pizza crust first and I said "here, watch how mommy eats" instructing you to eat from the small part of the triangle.  You watched me, picked up your piece of pizza and said "here, watch how carsyn eats" and proceeded to eat it crust first.  You are so headstrong!

Your phrases and ability to memorize things blows us away.  You know all of your colors and the letters, H, M, C, B, and P.  You can sing every word to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Sesame Street,  and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  You favorite phrases include "Mommy, put Hank night night," "What's mommy doing,""I sit big girl like mommy," "Come play with me, " "I wanna dance," and so many more.  You repeat everything we say! You are beginning to answer our questions like answering what you did today and what you had for supper.  You are an excellent communicator.  Currently if you throw a mini fit momma can talk you out of it real quick by bargaining.  We may have to leave the park, but momma promises you yogurt as a treat and you're instantly happy.

You love going anywhere!! When we get in the car, you say "Oh boy, Hobby Hobby!"  When we're not going there you ask if we're going to see Maddox or Rosie and Pops.  You also love going to Food City and cry when we pass up the turn and keep going.

Your favorite food is still yogurt, especially parfaits and frozen yogurt.  You like pizza, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and chicken nuggets. You love anything sweet-honeybuns, cinnamon rolls, cookies, etc.

You are one long-legged lady Carsyn Presely!  You're still pretty tiny and weigh about 23 lbs, but your legs go for days-you are tall!

Your favorite toys are coloring books and anything with Minnie Mouse or Belle.  You still love playing outside.  You enjoy TV and all the shows on Disney Jr.  You are in love with Indiana Jones movies and Elvis movies.  You like to play with your little people doll house and say "Lets go play with peoples mommy!"

Mommy decided to put in a workout video a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good idea to call it dancing and get you excited so she could finish.  The plan backfired because you loved it.  You love squats and lunges and now walk to the TV and proclaim "mommy and Carsyn dance!" We should be in good shape and have buns of steel girlfriend!

You love everyone and having every one's attention.  You love Rosie and Pops and ask to go to their house every day.  You pick up your pretend phone and say "oh, hey Robbie, Krissy" and proceed to talk for a half an hour.  Your eyes light up at the mention of granny and papaw! When we get in the car you ask to go see Maddox, Mel, and Bryan.  Aunt Judy and your cousin Jamie adore you also, and boy do you love them! Especially when they let you run through mud puddles.

You love bath time! You pretend to swim and you take your washcloth and bath all your babies.  Ever since baby brother came along you take a baby everywhere you go.  You love giving them bottles.  You also love to take them potty and make sure they wash their hands.

You take one 2 hour nap a day around 1:30 or 2:00.  You go to bed around 9:30 and lay in your crib and play with your dolls for 30 minutes sometimes.  Its too cute.  Before you go to sleep we read your favorite stories, including Llama, Llama, Princess Carsyn, and Goodnight Charleston or Goodnight Chicago.  You insist on telling daddy and Hank nite nite and giving them kisses.  After we snuggle you in your crib you usually wave to us-its the sweetest thing.

Carsyn, we all love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our lives!


  1. She is beautiful momma! Happy Birthday Carsyn! I can't wait to meet your sweet face one day.

  2. Happy birthday, Carsyn! She is a little doll!

  3. Love all the pictures! I think this little princess has had a wonderful birthday!