Monday, February 6, 2012

Q & A with Shasta

Hi everyone! I haven't vlogged in forever, but figured I'd link up with Shasta today because a) I adore her and b) I like to put a voice with every one's blog. Hope you link up too!

Also, thank you SO VERY MUCH for the kind congrats on baby 2 :)

Happy Monday!!


  1. You wild girl! Sneaking out! I loved watching your vlog! I hope that we do get to meet up in Nash! Congrats on the little nugget too! xo

  2. I don't think my high school was "challenging"! Oh, I am dying! Hilarious!!!

  3. You are so cute! I enjoyed watching your vlog!

  4. I live about an hour outside of Nashville. I have to take my Daughter up there in about 2 weeks to the Vandy Children's Hospital. Have fun!!!