Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a little patience

More patience, not enough time in the day, these seem to be recurring cliches of moms, right? Well, there's a reason for that. To say life changes when you have a child is an understatement. Maybe saying sometimes I feel like aliens have abducted my former self and replaced me with a mom robot would be more like it. Change that to a pregnant mom robot actually. How about my dream is about 10 hours of blissful sleep with no monitor in a 10 mile radius? That's one you hear moms say all of the time right? That's because about the time your kid sleeps through the night molars come and rear their ugly head and drinking a gallon of coffee might help, but for the love of pete you're pregnant and not only does the sheer smell of coffee gag you, the limit to the one cup you allow yourself seems pointless and less appetizing than drinking motor oil.

This being said I think my mom pants are fitting pretty well these days. I think its all due to the fact I've grown a little more...PATIENT. To me that's the one key element of parenting. For the first few months its all when will she sleep through the night, I wish she'd get on a schedule, etc. Then its all hurry up and walk, when can she eat real people food because I'm tired of dragging these jars around. Was it like this for you? I kept telling myself to slow down-they do grow too fast, but it seems I was just waiting on the next big milestone. Somehow recently I've learned to slow down a bit. We have bath time in mom's tub every night for a half hour. We have tea parties and hair do contests with our buddy Grayson. Shoot, in the mornings we usually have a piano recital before walking out the door.

I definitely do not have everything figured out. Was it Bridget Jones who said when things are going well in one aspect of your life another practically blows up in your face? So true, Bridget, so true. I'm telling myself Carsyn and the baby are my priorities now. I nap, I sleep late on weekends, my laundry piles up, cooking might happen twice a week. Again, I'm prioritizing momma needs rest above all else. I think these things are magically going to fall into place once I start feeling better. They will won't they?? ;) For now I'll settle for rare vomiting, a healthy baby, and a happy kid.

I hope, well pray, actually that I have patience with the new baby from the get go. Perhaps that's an impossible dream. I distinctly remember the sleep deprived monster I might have turned in to. But, perhaps not. Perhaps my mom pants are permanent. So now, that I've got this mom thing semi-figured out anyone wanna help me remember how to be a good wife again?


  1. You are doing a great job, girl! My mom always told me you are a little more relaxed with #2 because you've been through it before. I am really hoping this turns out to be true.

    I love this post so much! It really speaks to me right now. Patience is what all mommies need.

    As for cooking and being a good wife.. let me know when you find the answer. ;)

  2. Hey girl! New follower. My 2nd baby is 6 weeks old (first is 2.5) and I totally understand where you are coming from. Everything WILL fall into place, I promise.

  3. Patience is everything, that's why it's a virtue! The days where I have felt the worst about my mothering are those when I've lost my patience.

    On another random note, I can never reply to your comments because your email is the "no reply" one - you may have it intentionally that way, but just in case...


  4. Girl, you know I know where you are coming from. I also feel constant guilt that I am not bonding with the twins like I did with Maddy. When it's your first, you can spend hours doing floor time and rocking, etc. I don't feel like I got to do any of that with the twins. Just too much chaos....but I am starting to cook more hot dogs and let the laundry pile up instead. Kids will remember the memories you made with them, not whether you kept a clean house.

  5. You are a great Mommy!!! I am so happy to see Carsyn playing her piano!