Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap & My Little Turkey

If you follow me on twitter you know the babe has been sick- as in stay in all weekend sick.


Some notes-

A mass load of laundry was washed and sorted- on my kitchen table-ick. Did you know my next home will have a huge laundry/mudroom?

So I might have feigned sleeping with baby girl and snapped a pic. We did take a snooze togther but the hubby was doing stuff and too busy to capture the moment. I tell myself someday when Carsyn is a teenager and hates me I'll show her this to remind her a) we used to get along b) how I took care of her when she was sick and c)she used to be my baby girl.

Carsyn literally "read" a book for 20 minutes this weekend. She jabbered and turned pages and squealed doggie and baby. (I'm aware its upside down-kid is clearly a genius). I couldn't find any doggies in the book, but I'm sure they existed.

Are y'all ready for Thanksgiving? We're wearing our turkeys around here!



I love my baby girl!


  1. I hope Carsyn is feeling better!!! Her turkey dress is too cute:)

    And yes...I am currently trying to persuade my husband to finish the pantry/laundry/mud room he started for me - I can't handle doing laundry in the back of our garage any longer!!!

  2. oh my goodness that outfit is TOO cute! I'm dying, love it!

  3. Hope she is feeling better. Omgsh, that turkey dress is ADORABLE! Love it!

  4. Adorable turkey outfit! I hope she is feeling better!

  5. She looks so cute in her little turkey dress and yes, she is a baby genius! So glad she is feeling better!

  6. hope she feels better now!!! That dress! ADORABLE!!