Friday, November 4, 2011

I Got Nothing...

For once I'm kind of speechless and if y'all know me you know that's a rare occasion. So that being said here are some random thoughts...

**I'm ready for Christmas- I've already watched White Christmas once, I'm planning to watch Mrs. Miracle on the Hallmark channel tonight, and I'm stalking the Sirius website to see when Holly starts. That being said, it will be the day after Thanksgiving before my tree goes up-its tradition and that's how I roll.

**I've come to realize I'm the most sensitive person on the planet. My feelings get hurt over crazy stuff and I constantly feel like people don't like me. I like a simple thank you if I do something nice or an acknowledgement of my existence also, is that too demanding?

** I have a heytell addiction. This combined with my 45 minute commute to work means I'll likely be scraped off the highway someday.

** Because I like telling stories-here's the story of when my hubby fell in love with me(so he says). We were in the car on a sort of first date and we passed a 1978 trans am. I said "look, its the bandit" and the hubby laughed and replied "you like the movie?" to which I replied with some classic movie quotes. Yep, we fell in love over a trans am. I'm so redneck. I also want to do the bandit run someday and have been known to throw bandit parties with dr pepper and diablo sandwiches.

(this would be me as the snowman after someone stole my trucker vest).

**I love blogging and still get thrilled if someone leaves a comment or I get a new follower. I enjoy running into friends and family hearing them tell me they love the Carsyn updates. I could literally read blogs for hours a day! Unfortunately, I have work and laundry and a child which stand in the way ;) Thanks to twitter updates and the iphone I often read blogs at red lights and have not been good at commenting lately. I'll do better!

** Speaking of blogging, my sister from another mister told me about Blissdom. I literally know nothing about it but I'm dying to meet some of my blogger ladies in real life! You might see me there!

** I need a staycation-you know.. a week to stay home and get things in order. I also need my child to behave and take lots of naps during this time frame. Can you arrange this for me please?

** Did you know I'm 32 and roughly the same age as this momma?

I love RHOA and love watching Kim and the rest of the girls. I've been thinking lately I'm old. I'm always thinking of myself as being young but I'm Kim Z's age and she has a teenager...weird.

**Lastly, I've been reading lots of Q & A blogs and figured I'd join in. So, here you go...ask me any question and I'll answer.

Happy weekend friends!


  1. 1. I think Kim Z. looks SO old! When I found out she was 32 my jaw hit the floor.
    2. BlissDom...let's do it! Free place to stay!
    3. How did you and Mr. Southern Blonde (haha) meet??

  2. I will have to check out Blissdom-I want to meet other bloggers too! I am in Lexington a lot lately doing work for my mom so let me know if you ever want to get together! I too could read blogs all day-but there are def not enough hours. Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  3. P.S.-Kim looks OLD. You look at least 10 years younger than her if not more. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF!!!

  4. What are your favorite stores to shop at for yourself AND Carsyn? WHat's your must-have clothing item?

  5. I am SO ready for christmas too...and not in the "i have all my gifts bought and cookies baked" but in the "i love the season" way:)

    And a staycation would be SO nice right now...I have SO much to do!!!

    And for a question...
    What is your must-have running gear??

  6. I love Mrs Miracle :)One of the best shows ever! I also am addicting to hey tell. I am always on that thing 24 7 I guess that is why I am always charging my lovely smartphone lol!I also love getting comments & followers I guess its bc I only have 35 following me & I love seeing new ones :) Did you ever get those cute little butterfly feelings when someone new joined?

  7. Since I'm also from Pburg, I wanted to know where you went to high school! haha
    also, kind of generic, but how you survive working and mommyhood since I'm getting ready to go back to work... I might be panicking just a tiny bit already!

  8. PS - OMG, I would have guessed Kim was AT LEAST a good 10 years older than you are!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am so so so excited for Christmas too. I'd put my Christmas tree up now if my husband would let me. haha. He's all about waiting til the Day after thanksgiving too, but its only a few weeks away now! :) Oh and dont compare yourself to Kim Z, I agree with SKB up there^, you seriously look at least 10 years younger than her!
    & for your question:
    What are some of your favorite shows to watch? :)