Friday, November 19, 2010

Carsyn is 2 months old!

You are growing so fast Carsyn Presley!!

I personally think you are becoming a momma's girl but I think daddy would disagree! You love to nap with momma on the sofa-in fact this morning we took a 5 hour slumber together and it was the highlight of momma's week. Momma is struggling with the fact that you will only sleep in 4 hour increments in the crib but snuggled with momma and daddy you will sleep for nearly 6 hours. So far we have resisted the urge to put you in bed with us. Every night after eating we swaddle you, kiss you goodnight and put you in your crib. After dinner momma retires to the bathtub for a much needed glass of wine and somehow you end up on the sofa cuddling with daddy ;) I think its your all's favorite time of day.

Speaking of sleeping you are on a pretty regular schedule pattern of sleeping 7-7 and waking up to eat at 11:00 and 3:00. In the morning you always greet me with a is your happiest time of day and you always manage to put a smile on grouchy momma's face. You also take a good nap in the afternoon, but are always fussy between 4 and 6 in the evenings. You love to watch TV now and Mickey Mouse is your favorite...daddy almost has you in giggles when he performs the hot dog dance for you, but momma definitely does the best goofy impersonation! Other than Mickey Mouse you don't care what you watch on TV-usually on the weekends its football and you seem to be just fine cheering on your Cats.

Your appearance changes every day! I think all you got from your momma is blue eyes as you still look like your daddy-That's ok though, momma thinks he a fine looking lad :) You have so many nicknames-Carsy, Carsyn P, Carsy-bug, just to name a few. You absolutely love your paci and momma makes sure she packs 2 everywhere we go. You also enjoy your swing but like your vibrating chair just as good.

Carsyn, momma loves you more than anything and can't imagine life without you!


  1. Em used to only sleeps shorts bits in her crib, but much longer when cuddles with me, so i started puttiner her down and not holding her during her day naps, as well as a very loud sleep sound machine in her room and she does much better firth couple night she would wake up I would hold for a minute give her the paci and put her back down

  2. oh I love her leg warmers!!!! SO CUTE!