Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 weeks = Miracle??


Don't get me wrong, if things were the same as they were 3 weeks ago I would be INSANE! When talking to mommies about struggles as a new mother everyone agreed things are much better at 6 weeks. They were right-its better, just not the miracle I expected. Carsyn is sleeping at pretty regular intervals. As far as "sleeping through the night"- HA! I'm just very grateful she sleeps from 11:30 til 3:30 and then 4:00 til 7:00. (Most nights) I'm hoping she'll drop that 3:00am feeding but baby girl is HUNGRY. For any moms who have secrets to getting their babies to sleep more then 4-5 consecutive hours please let me know. I should also point out she technically goes to sleep around 9:00 and lots of times stays asleep til that 11:00 feeding. I am not complaining. As far as naps go she is more sporadic. Sometimes her morning nap is her longest and sometimes its the midday. Sometimes she falls asleep on her own and sometimes she likes to throw a big hissy fit.

Carysn is smiling now and a lot more alert. She stares at light fixtures for forever it seems. She also is still crying for random reasons I'll never figure out. I read somewhere the average baby cries 3 hours a day and for the most part I'm under that number. I keep telling myself that statistic cause it makes me feel better ;)

Speaking of crying bath time is either hit or miss. For the most part Carsyn tolerates bath time, but if we bath her when she is hungry watch out (please see above picture).

I guess my whole purpose is to tell all the mommies out there who endure the same struggles-you're not alone! And to all the mommies with those angel babies-please share your secrets!!

I guess now the countdown begins for that 3 month miracle...


  1. She is precious though! Even if she's crying. But, I'm not there to deal with it. Hope she keeps sleeping ok!

  2. This picture must have been altered. Carsyn never cries. She is perfect! lol. Hopefully she will start sleeping for longer duration so you can get some sleep too! Still a cutey....even if she is crying.

  3. I used to do the same thing.. then I talked to my pedi and she suggested putting her to bed around 8p instead of 11 and she slept right thru to 3... ummm yea finally some mommy/daddy time and dinner without walking from the table 30 times to put the nuk back in her mouth

  4. Hi there, New follower here!
    Just want to say your blog is fabulous!

  5. Just looking at your blog for the first time in a while...I remember those days like they were yesterday! Oh the exhaustion. Wyatt slept through the night (meaning 10ish-6ish) starting at 11 weeks, and he would only nap if I was holding him. So to me, her sleep pattern at 7.5 weeks sounds pretty normal. Even good! Jonah woke up once a night until he was a year old, but you probably don't want to hear about that. :) Hopefully it's gotten even better since you posted this, but if not, hang in there! The day will come when you think of these days in a haze of tiredness and will struggle to remember your sweet newborn. She is beautiful!