Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Faves

I love reading about every one's summer must haves-beauty products, fashion ideas, jewelry inspirations, beach bag items, etc.

If there is one thing most people know about me its that I LOVE music...all music....Every summer my hubby and I get excited to break out our summer play are a few of our favorites:

Ok, I think everyone would agree Buffet and Marley are quintessential...(side note the hubby really wanted to name baby girl Marley..would've been super cute I think)
Some of our favorites are Lively Up Yourself, Soul Rebel, Waiting In Vain, I Know a Place, & Simmer Down. Our favorite Buffet songs include Jamaican Farewell, In the Shelter, Tin Cup Chalice, and A Pirate Looks at Forty.

I absolutely love Taj Mahal- If you haven't heard Hanapepe Dream buy it now!!

Last, but not least.....

What's summer without Bruce?!? I am completley smitten with Bruce Springsteen...seriously it might lead to divorce someday. I listen to E Street radio every day of my life. If you're in the car with me you better have love for the boss or you're in for a miserable ride!! A few songs I love are Badlands, Thunder Road, Backstreets, I'm Goin Down, and Girls in Their Summer Clothes.

What's on your summer playlist?


  1. I love Bob Marley! It's so much fun listening to him on a nice summer day while driving with your windows down!

  2. Definitely no better than Jimmy Buffett & Bob Marley for summer. Kenny Chesney is pretty good too! Have to admit I have developed a little love for Katie Perry. I love California Gurls!

  3. Yes! Those top two are on heavy rotation at the house!

  4. Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley are absolutely on my summertime playlist! They remind me of vacations in Mexico.


  5. Ah, yes, wonderful picks! Love Marley for a lil girl name....might use it if I decide to have more!! Or, if HE decides to give me more...lovely blog.