Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This weekend was CRAZY! We literally spent no time at home, but considering we're amidst a kitchen remodel and have nothing to eat and no means to cook it that was probably not a bad thing. We spent yesterday with Shane's family at the lake. To say it was hot is an understatement. I really wanted to jump in the water, but I figured I should spare everyone the sight of me naked (forgot to pack a bathing suit). I seriously cannot complain too much because everyone seems to be spoiling me rotten. My brother and sister-in-law made sure the fan was blowing on me all of the time and my feet were propped up. I am so thankful to spend time with them...Even Shane's little cousins made an appearance and swam their little hearts out.

We are accumulating so much for the baby girl and I really want to show everything off but in honor of father's day I really wanted to share what Shane got from his family.

Our baby may be in pink 90% of the time but when she's not she'll be sporting KY blue! The bottle huggie was the cutest thing ever we thought!

Today we spent time with my family after visiting Shane's grandfather. Leon is really the sweetest man on the planet. We love him so much and do not get to see him often enough. I did not get a pic of Shane and his dad, but I love this one of him and Leon. I cannot believe this time next year Shane will be a daddy. I know he'll be great!

By the time we got to my mom and dad's I was about completely tuckered out. Luckily my nephew woke up and my energy perked up. Unfortunately he seems to like Shane much better and I just cannot compete. Mom grilled some steaks and we had my favorite dessert-watermelon!! Thanks to my dad for making sure it was ice cold!

Hope everyone had a terrific Father's Day!


  1. Those little girl things are soo cute! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I kind of like when we are forced to not use our kitchen ;) Less work for you!

  2. what a fun father's day! your little girl got some good gifts!!!

    and you look SO cute little preggers!!! :)

  3. What a great weekend! And your little girl is going to look darling in Kentucky blue. Very cute!!!


  4. You look so cute! And that picture of Shane and his grandfather is priceless!