Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday


I asked Carsyn her favorite day of the week yesterday and she said "Wednesday. What's yours?" I said Saturday or Sunday because we spend time with daddy. And she said oh yeah. That's nice.

But Friday is pretty awesome too.  Wednesday is ballet day in case you were wondering. 

Here's a few of my Friday favorites…


This song.  On repeat. 

I apologize to my kids, my husband, and anyone else who happens to be in a car with me. I'm on a bit of an Eric church kick.  For some reason I like to listen to a certain artist over and over until I've basically memorized every word of every song.

Hey Mel! Remember that time I made you listen to e street radio for 8 straight hours. :)


Olivia Pope. What will my DVR do without you!?  Anyone else wanna chat about that crappy ending? #teamjake

And yes I'm using my fireplace in May. Do you know it's 62 degrees down here when we crank the A/C upstairs? Crazy cakes.


I love burning my Capri Blue candle from Anthro this time of year.  The scent really carries throughout the whole house.


My Happy Everything mug pretty much goes everywhere with me.  It even makes green smoothies taste good. #sortof


Hank is what you may call a bit of a finicky eater.  He likes what he likes and there's not much of a gray area.  He ate a pound of bacon yesterday.  Am I a bad parent for allowing him to do that?  I found a 3 lb (uhmmmm) slab at the grocery and was pumped.  He's going to be so happy!


Am I allowed to have 6?? I think so if it means including a pic of the kiddos.  They are really enjoying the weather this week!

Cheers to the weekend friends! 

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