Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our Christmas


Figured I'd try to share a few Christmas pics with y'all before Valentine's Day rolled around..
I struggled this year with getting the house all ready for Christmas and figuring out what trees to put where.  We spend a lot of time in our basement family room.  Its next door to the playroom so we figured it best Santa deliver presents there even though the big trees were upstairs.  Mrs Claus wasn't feeling so well so Santa set up really late getting things together for Christmas Eve morning.
All Hanky kept asking for was a train and Carsyn wanted a doll house.  Santa also brought them a hot dog and ice cream stand.

We opened presents from mom and dad a little later.  Carsyn always gets a little blue box and when asked her favorite gift I always think she'll say the Tiffany box!!  But. Usually its something completely random.  This year it was lipgloss.  She's such a little turkey.

We wolfed down some breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls (which by the way took 5 HOURS! to make).  #neveragainpioneerwoman...

And headed to the EKY.

Aint no 102 degree fever stopping me ;)
First stop- Camp Rosie.

Hank decided to deliver elk sausage to family members!
Next stop was Papaw Leon's and I swear its just one of my favorite places.

So many cousins to play with.

I love this picture so much.  Papaw Leon in the background opening things...Shane laughing and talking to his sister...the two girls playing Frozen and Hank with his remote control 4 wheeler.  So much love and laughter.

Christmas morning at my in-laws and Carsyn with her serious face. Be still Hank and smile so we can open more presents.

Much better!!

Time to get dressed up and head back to Camp Rosie.


Sweet Emersyn! Is she not the cutest?

Boys being boys!!

Hank's new ride!!

The boys favorite presents!!Watch out WCS!
I have to add here gift giving is Rosie's love language.  Every year she has something special in mind for me and Mel.  She kept acting sneaky in Chicago and we found out she was getting us matching jackets! Insert twinning emoji here!!

I've also been hinting forever for some bracelets and she surprised me with some little orange boxes.
Perfect compliment to the KJP anchor Mel gave me.
Love my family so much... How many more sleeps til we do it again??

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  1. Your little ones are so cute! Carsyn looks like she is such a little "mini-me" of her adorable momma! :) Looks like y'all had a great Christmas!