Thursday, November 13, 2014


I've been fortunate or crazy enough to visit NYC twice this fall and had such a good time.  Unbelievable time really.

My bestie and I travelled up in September and it was so much fun.  I think we brought a whole new meaning to shop to you drop.  At the end of day 1 I went and bought Statue of Liberty flip flops.  Pretty much nailed my goal to not look like a tourist don't you think?

Of course we hit up Tiffanys.

And we played the big piano at FAO. I LOVE this picture so much.  I mean you can't not have fun with Ricarda, she's such a firecracker.

We went to Juniors both times to have what I feel is the best cheesecake in the world.

And we saw Wicked!!! So so good.  Please see this just once if you can!

We also took a water taxi around the Statue of Liberty.  The weather was simply perfect that day.

We did one of the bus tours while we were there also and got to see a lot of neat sights.

Fast forward to the end of last month when I went back to NYC with the hubs…
I honestly was terrified he wouldn't enjoy himself, but he told me he had a really good time.

We stayed at the Palace and honestly I think I'd live there if I could.  I see why so many shows are filmed there.  Ahem Gossip Girl.

Lobby = Amaze.

We hit up the lounge one night and I told Shane to give me his best I've had a hard day on Wall Street face and this was what I got…Maybe he was just still absorbing the shock of my $30 glass of Veuve.

We had dinner the first night there at Tavern on the Green and the atmosphere was even more beautiful than I had hoped.

I wore this cute little back dress and broke out my favorite sparkly heels..

Gotta admit it was nice to shed my mom uniform and get dressed up a few days.

We had dinner at the Gramercy Park Terrace one night also and how cool is it the bartender got a pic with the Chrysler building in the background?

We also did a lot of tourist-y things this time too.  We strolled around Soho, Wall Street, and Ground Zero.  We did a carriage ride through Central Park and even caught the Kinky Boots play on Broadway.

Did I mention I even talked Shane into shopping a little?

I'm seriously ready to go back tomorrow!

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  1. Love it!! I went once years ago and loved it! My hope is to get back when it's decked for Christmas!! Brandon has never been!