Friday, June 13, 2014



Moving is stressful and we haven't packed the first bag. 

On a happier note I get awesome updates from the contractor via text (waves Mr Jackson)..

Like this one of our fireplace.

I'm so happy we whitewashed the brick. I posted this pic on insta and was kinda scared to ask thoughts but y'all loved it- so thanks. Now if I could only talk W into doing the sunroom....


We usually make a trip to Lexington once weekly and shop and eat out and check on house stuff. We had sushi last night and the kids were just crazier than normal. I blame the full moon. W was just amazingly patient and I tend to get frazzled.  I did snap this selfie because who doesn't want to share the fact their daughter was eating ketchup out of the bowl???

The words you're gonna miss this just keep echoing in my brain.


Speaking of kids I'm just so horribly behind working on the kid's scrapbooks. Like I lie awake at night thinking I'll never catch up!!! All their memories are gone!!! I should get out of bed and scrap at 3:00 am!!!!  I always thing I can rely on my blog posts when I do finally get time to catch up.  I'm trying to get back on board with my weekend recap but quite frankly it's boring. And repetitive. So here's a cute pic of the kids in their Sunday best. Which I do always try to capture..

Hopefully one day it will end up in a scrapbook.


And speaking of scrapbook events we had a bestie pool day with our pals Ricarda and Kyria this week and it was just the thing I needed.  There's nothing better than gossiping with your girlfriend and watching your kids play together. 

I'm always blown away by their love for one another.


If you follow me on insta you know I'm a big fan of Matilda Jane clothing. And not only the little girl's line. I always find myself going back to their adult pieces.

I shared these OOTD pics with y'all because they are a few of my favorite pieces but truthfully I love them all.

Cheer to the weekend friends! 

As always, I/m linking up with Darci and others for Five on Friday.

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