Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Christmas

Christmas comes and goes way too fast, don't you think? And plagues most of us with a post holiday funk that comes with overindulging in way too many of your sister's world famous buckeyes and oh God why did I put so much Christmas crap up?

So, here in the Watts household we have been enjoying some lazy days and playing with all of our new toys...a shiny pink kitchen for baby girl, a new Nikon (bye bye Canon forever) for momma, and a guitar for the hubby. Perhaps the tree will come down this week, but perhaps not. My goal is always by Valentine's Day- I kid! Ok, maybe not.

Our Christmas usually involves a whirlwind stop at at least 5-6 families to visit grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc. Though I tend to complain about the traveling I love seeing all our family members. We made one exception this year and had a lazy Christmas Eve morning with pancakes and gifts.



Carsyn loved her little kitchen and doll so much. Christmas through the eyes of a child is too precious for words!!

After our morning we headed to the usual plethora of places. Midway I realized I hadn't charged my camera battery so there are a few gaps in pictures and some random iphone pics thrown in. Add that to a scatterbrained momma leaving Carsyn's antibiotic at home and having to drive back and get it Christmas morning and you get one frazzled lady.



Carsyn has a new fascination with bracelets so thanks Rosie and pops for hooking her up in style.


Of course Maddox didn't really get what all of the fuss was about so he was happy Carsyn got a cool car, but it was not near as neat as his train!






Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


  1. Precious! Carsyn looks so happy with all her new toys and I love the kitchen! You look great.

  2. The pics look so great! Love the cream dress!