Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The One About Poop

yep....poop. Still interested??

The week before last(you know the week after someone broke into my house destroying my whole world?? yes, I'm still having a pity party..)we were invited to a very important family dinner out of town. I was so busy that day dealing with insurance crap and trying to work I lost track of time and was late leaving. I hopped in my vehicle, picked up the hubby, and threw the dress I was planning on wearing in the vehicle. About 30 minutes before we were due to arrive at our destination I smelled poop and Carsyn started getting fussy. Usually she's a travel champ, but I figured her diaper was wet and we'd just tough it out as we were running late. I changed out of my sweats, tried to tame my hair and pulled myself somewhat together. When we arrived I got out to check on Carsyn and noticed her seat was soaked. I slapped myself on the forehead as I remembered mom telling me all she could find in the diaper bag was a swim diaper and I needed to change Carsyn as I picked up the hubby. Luckily there was not poop everywhere and she was wearing a 2 piece outfit. I took the pants off and maneuvered the dress so the wet part was tucked in the diaper. Unfortunately my dress was silk so I walked into the somewhat upscale (Malone's if your local) restaurant holding a screaming baby as far from me as possible. At this point the hubby has magically disappeared. I went straight to the stall with a changing table managing to hold a now kicking, crying, screaming baby in one hand while disinfecting the changing table with another. I laid Carsyn on the table and proceeded to remove the soaking diaper. At this point I had missed the memo that swim diapers ripped off at the sides so I pulled it off. Do you mommas know what happens when you yank off a diaper with poop in it?? Poop flies! I mean everywhere. I figured I'd tackle the poop later and get Carsyn clean. So with some baby wipes, wet ones, and a new diaper I have a happy kid. Unfortunately, I now have a poop filled bathroom stall to contend with. First I know some landed in my purse (you know, the one Louis the thief didn't steal?). After disposing of it I tackle the walls and floors of the stall. Everything looks spic and span but I still smell poop. I put everything in one of those little baggies and throw it in the trash, but the smell is still lingering. I figure I've looked everywhere and head to the exit when I think to check the bottom of my shoes. Oh yeah-they're covered. Thankfully by this time my SIL & MIL have received my SOS text message. I handed Carsyn to my MIL and went to work on my shoes with some wet ones. Luckily after that the evening went great. I'm just not sure I'll ever look at that restroom stall the same!


  1. Oh girl...this is what I have to look forward to?!? JK! What a disaster! Lordy have mercy!

    I hadn't seen your post about the robbery. I am so sorry! It violates your sense of security and takes away your prized possessions. The absolute immoral and illegal NERVE of these criminals! I hope they try to strike again somewhere and get their butts handed to them by the police!

  2. Yikes!!!! This is a hilarious post though!

  3. Haha, OH NO! What a story. Hopefully now you can look back on it with a laugh. The things mothers go through!

  4. Wow! I get to look forward to this when I have kids. I would have died! Hope your shoes weren't too expensive or damaged!?!


  5. You definitely handled the situation like a lady! No one could have ever known what you had been through.