Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weddings and Catching Up

I LOVE weddings...doesn't every girl? I cannot believe this December will be 10 years since our wedding. Looking back I loved my wedding and probably wouldn't change a thing, but weddings these days just blow my mind!!

So this weekend I caught up on some celebrity gossip and DVR recordings and both seemed full of weddings..First, Carrie Underwood...y'all should know first of all I am not her biggest fan. I know, I know- she's beautiful and talented, but I've always thought she's a little on the conceited side. That being said I have grown to like her a little more lately as she has matured. She was a gorgeous bride as I expected...I loved the Monique Lhuillier dress.

Originally I thought the pink in the dress was too much but her whole wedding theme was pink, so to me it was fitting. The dress and decorations suited her as a young bride.

I also caught up on the wedding and honeymoon episode of Bethenney Getting Married...Loved her dress also

Considering I'm 7 months pregnant myself and there's no way I would be looking that good in a wedding dress I am still in awe. Her wedding was also very beautiful and reflected her maturity...I really wanted to dive into that red velvet wedding cake! I cannot imagine going on a honeymoon in her situation (cankles, swelling)and thought she handled it beautifully! I was cracking up during the whole episode though.

Finally I have 1 week to finish season 3 of Mad Men. So far its been a little disappointing...

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  1. Bethenny was just amazing wasn't she?! I hope I look that good when I get married, and I am definitely not planning on being pregnant when it happens :)